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Thread: First cast

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    First cast

    Hello everyone!

    I've been following the forum for some time now.
    It's really amazing everyhing I could already learn, the amazing projects from everybody, etc.!

    I'm from Switzerland, nearly everything that is out of the ordinary (like casting materials) is a nightmare to find here...
    But I finally got everything I needed and could pour bronze for the first time last week!

    As I don't have a large backyard, no workshop and lives in a calm neighbourhood so I've started with an electric furnace for the noise and place.
    For the moment I can melt enough with this setup (up to 6 lbs of bronze), but should I continue and need to pour more I'll have to find another way and maybe build my own equipment.

    For my first casting I'm quite happy with the results :



    It's a mountain near the place I live, called the Matterhorn. Actually it's the mountain on the Toblerone chocolate
    The cast is around 1" x 1" x 0.78" high (~2.5x2.5 cm x 2cm high)
    There is quite a lot of bubbles on the surface and some sand must have falled when I poured as the top of the mountain is quite

    Here is the sand mold (delft clay for now) :


    I'm pretty sure I didn't mold it correctly at all, but it was also my first mold.
    Next time I'll take more time to properly gate and all the model.

    Here is the closed mold with the 3d printed model on top :


    I do quite a lot of 3d printing so I'll try different methods to cast from 3d printed patterns.
    I'll experiment more with sand molding but I'm trying to order some suspendaslurry from R&R for ceramic shell casting.
    Will open a new thread for this, as I'll certainly have a few questions (main concern for now is the burnout of the shell...).

    Have a lot of projects (plaques, small statues, etc.) but unfortunately not a lot of time... like everyone I suppose!

    Open for remarks, suggestions, etc.


    It's some tin bronze with 12% tin, poured at ~1922 F (1050 C)
    On the pictures it is not cleaned, just cut the sprue. Will take a picture of the cleaned piece soon!

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    Looks like a good start!

    FWIW, there is at least one other active forum member from Switzerland, at this moment, unfortunately, the username escapes, keep an eye out for him he might be able help you source items.

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    Only members from Switzerland in their location are:
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    Thanks for the infos.
    At the moment I've nearly everything I need as equipment and consumables, but I might try to reach to john (the other account looks like a span account).
    Will soon start a thread concerning 3d printing and ceramic shell casting as I could contact R&R (via their european sales team).

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