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Thread: Help with kwiky inspired style burner

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    A little height helps the kwiky run smooth and mine runs on just 5psi air. I don't remember the details of my burner, but I built it wayyy back then to the spec in the video. I do recall having to work the mig tip issue twice and nailed it the second go. The only other issue I had with it, it would run fine on diesel but not on 100oil. The fix was to make sure you can get the business end as close to the inner furnace wall as you can. 3-4inches seems about right to me. Stick a tape measure from inside the furnace to the tip of the kwiky. That's what your looking for.

    When I light mine, I do it outside the furnace with the air and diesel on, I get a good 2 foot flame then stuff it in the furnace and start adding air. In the beginning, this thing is NOT a light it and walk away deal like propane. You have to fiddle with it and learn what it likes. It will reward you in SUPER CHEAP fuel consumption for those long melts. I once had a love/hate relationship with mine, but we understand each other these days.

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    Jag, Are you talking about elevating the oil/diesel? I was planning on using a 50/50 mix of oil and diesel. I'm still trying to dial in my burner but I feel like it's never getting enough fuel to it. I usually have to close off the back of the pipe because it blows out the flame right away otherwise.

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    Yes.. Elevate the fuel source. Oil/diesel or chicken grease, get it higher than your burner. I had a flameout once from my tower of power. Forgot to take the lid off the old r22 tank. DUH!
    If you are having to choke off the air, then it's running too lean. The fix is more air pressure on that venturi or more pressure on the fuel tank to help push the fuel in. I choose to raise my fuel source. The top tank in my photo is 100% used motor oil, I don't cut it with diesel. And the bottom tank is jet-A sump fuel (diesel) I start on the jet-A, get it up to temp and introduce the oil while backing off the jet-A. Have you done a simple test with just water spraying into a milk jug? Shut the fan off, start your venturi sucking on bucket full of water raised up. Point the nozzle at a milk jug and spray for 10minutes into it. Measure the water collected and multiply by 6. You need to be spray water at about 1.5 gallons per hour. This is a good starting point for you. If you aren't spraying these kinds of numbers, your venturi setup needs more work. Took me a couple tries to get the mig tip shaped correctly to get it to pull water. If the water/air goes back up the hose to the water source and bubbles, you made a pressure washer. Keep at it. It's not the easiest burner, but once working, you too can laugh at the propane guys pi$$ing away money on fuel. lol That was my only source of inspiration to get it going. CHEAPNESS!
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    Hello people...I've been busy with life and haven't done much casting recently. To reply to the first post on this thread, Your mig tip doesn't look like it is pointed enough...and yes, it is too big. One of the main things to make sure is that the end of the mig tip extends into the nozzle with only a slight gap around it. Then the air will pull the fuel through it. Someone told me...maybe on another thread here...that you can take a mig tip and put a ball bearing on the end (tip) and tap it...this will reduce the size of the passage to whatever you want it to be. I would like to try it to get my .023 mig tips smaller and either use less air or put it through at a higher velocity for a better spray.

    Jagboy is right, it does take some experience to figure out how to get one of these to run perfectly...but once you do, you will be very happy! And yes, elevating the fuel will give it some pressure which can help immensely...I made a fuel supply that is pressurized. You only need a few pounds of pressure. I use the same compressor with another regulator for the tank. It uses virtually no air to keep it pressurized and gives you a lot of control with the fuel delivery. I have pictures of it on a thread here somewhere I'm sure!

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    Strange idea: instead of 'mig tips', one might well use 3-d printer nozzles.

    1) come in range of sizes, down to .2mm (and with few exceptions, they're metric - which simplifies things in a 'metric' environment)

    2) can be had on-line (and lots of 'em are sold in Europe. One nearby location would be 'Průša's place, in Czech Republic)

    3) commonly have an obtuse taper which is a good bit sharper than the mig-tips I've seen/handled.

    Ps: if I had some .023s to spare at this time, I'd try to send a few.

    Ouch! That stuff's hot!

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    Not really sure what a 3-d printer nozzle is. I'll have to google it in a few minutes. Im not far from Czech, so that's a plus. I have pretty much givin up on this project for the time being. The original plan was to save money by not buying all the componets required for a propane burner. I think that all the time wasted, pipe parts bought, gas money trying to find stuff.. I would have been better off starting with the propane burner. I'm fed up with not being ably to find things here (Don't even get me started on parts for my pick-up, which I shipped out from the States). I did finally find a place which services air compressors and found the 1/8 parts, but they were not the same. The inside (past the threads) were so narrow. I bored them out to barely fit the mig tip and copper supply tube in. Still, nothing worked. The plug was a little different. It was flat and didnt have the protruding tip, which I think made a difference. I went through 5 mig tips trying this (grounded down to varying degrees of roundness and sharpness)and started with 3mm hole trough tip working my way up to 5. Still no results. When I have a little more patience I will try again.

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