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Thread: Gating Tubular Lost Foam Part

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocco View Post
    Yours are easily some of the most beautiful foamies ever posted on this site, I'm in awe, just outstanding work!
    I'll second this notation.

    Nice work Kelly. <Thumbs Up>

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    Had a little spare time this morning and got them cast. I think they may be my best yet.

    I gated them similar to the previous versions but added a couple bobs to the tube openings below the elbows. I'd add some more detailed photos know.

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    Dang! Very nice.
    Ill get back on the set you sent me shortly. Just about have the mill project finished. Just need a couple more good days..
    A calm sea does not make a skilled sailor....

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    Great result. You perseverance has been well rewarded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rotarysmp View Post
    Great result. You perseverance has been well rewarded.Mark
    Thanks Mark. Starting to feel pretty good about the process control and am having first pass success. I have some other interesting related projects and experiments I'll share in the near future. -Stay tuned.


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    All of the images in this thread were previously hosted on Phtobucket. When they changed their 3rd party hosting policy and fee structure I decided not to continue with them. I have re-hosted and restored the images elsewhere for posterity sake. However, I couldn't restore the images posted by other contributors to the thread. I have a few more things to add to this thread and then may be time to wrap this one up. I do have a few more interesting foam castings in the works. What do ya-think. Post here or new thread?


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