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Thread: Brian Oltrogge are you here?

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    Brian Oltrogge are you here?

    Does anyone know if Brian Oltrogge is a member here, I find links to him but not a user name?

    Here is his casting playlist on YouTube

    Furnace build, CNC pattern work, signs, 3D printing, Petrobond and Sodium Silicate sand - 13 videos chock full of foundry goodness

    These drawer pulls are impressive work - the bar has been set pretty high with this project!

    Foundry Joe

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    Nope! Never seen him here in my 3years. Try sending mssg through utube
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    BTW, I just commented on his video and encouraged him to join us here.

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    I find it odd that the most Knowledgeable seem to avoid the forums.. I mean Stephen D. Chastain lives across town from me... of course some of the brightest here have been chased away for some reason, I all but left once because someone did not approve of my advice... But I got thicker skinned *shrug*

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    He is/was a member, and posted about his furnace here :
    Not active anymore though. Online forums are a bit temporary, people come and go.

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    I talk quite a lot to an old mere from here, I wont name names but he left as many were arguing with his advice.
    it's his profession so people should know better. thing is there are many different points of view, so many ways to do something & not all work for everyone.
    it's strange but i only watched that video a few days ago.
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    Some of the old skilled guys (gals) that I've worked with over the years have done things their way for years... And it works well for them. When someone starts to ask questions or suggest other ways to do something they get upset. If you do it in a less than polite way (it's the internet.... sometimes it's hard to find polite folks out here...just look at the YouTube comments sometimes) They stop talking...or in this case they bugger off. losing access to the knowledge, and skill of these guys sucks...but it happens. The issue is compounded when you have a lot of creative, stubborn, folks in one area.... And lets be honest that describes most of us or we wouldn't do what we do!
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