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Thread: Synergic MIG ????????

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    Synergic MIG ????????

    Want to touch the HEINY!!! WTF is this??? Is this something new to the MIG world? I have a 20year old crapsman 110vt gmaw that needs to be retired. However, 2k is a whole lot of duckets. Gotta sell something or someone will not be happy with me AT ALL!

    Before you flip the page on this one.. IT WELDS BRONZE and will happily do aluminum with....... wait for it........ NO SPOOL GUN BS!!!!! WOW!!
    Not sure about the sound of that thing, but if it means no cleanup welding steel, it's worth it. This is one of the reasons I tig everything today, I hate cleanup work.
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    this is not a particular new technology... synergic means it is pre-proprammed. so you change one setting all the others self adjust. other manufacturers call it programmed... the no spool gun is because he is on a 7 foot lead . good machines will include a 25 foot spoolgun which is linked in to the machine so any settings you change adjust everything everywhere... and $2K is a very good price but it is dropping. the only thing I saw new on that machine was the full digital readout... which I would be afraid of... digital components will be the first to crap out on a machine like that

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    Pretty fancy for a home use machine, common technology on production robots. Unfortunately, more whistles and bells in this case mean a steeper learning curve. (you still have to know how to weld)
    I have a 10 year old Lincoln 110 volt that works great on steel and I would love to have aluminum capabilities, but I don't think it is worth the money for my use. A 12 pack buys TIG time at my buddy's shop!
    What is that squeaking noise?

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    I wonder how good the warranty is on this machine? Most of these Chinese made machines come with a "you break it, you bought it" warranty and no repair parts availability.

    Warranty and parts availability is what prevents me from investing in something like this.
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    I like old relay technology for home welding machines. My 30+ year old Lincoln tombstone always works when I flip the switch - and my Miller 150 MIG & 250 Synchrowave are also both about that same age. The only thing that ever failed on any of them was one contactor on the MIG, which was easy and cheap to replace.

    A friend of mine bought a new Lincoln portable MIG to run fluxcore and the PCB board crapped out before the first year was out. They fixed it under warranty but the machine was out of commission for several weeks.

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    Htp has 3 yr warranty. But it's an Italian machine (stel) which means you won't need it anyway. I own this things tig cousin. It is a sweetheart.
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    You CAN force aluminum wire through almost any mig gun with a brand new liner in there. However, the moment that wire feed slows down for any reason (liner gets kinked even the least little bit, wheels slip, etc etc) the aluminum wire welds itself to the copper tip and POOF birdsnest. That's why MOST folks use a spool gun to feed aluminum wire. The spool gun is the same thing as the feeder inside the machine only handheld so there's less liner to deal with. When it birdsnests, there's less wire to waste as well...

    I watch some of Chucke's videos. He's gone recently to all sponsored (which I don't have such an issue with if it's announced which he's good at) and SUPER click baity titles (which I do take offense to).

    The point of this ramble is to say that nearly all mig machines will DC weld aluminum without a spool gun, for a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sicivicdude View Post
    The spool gun is the same thing as the feeder inside the machine only handheld so there's less liner to deal with.
    I only use a spool gun, since it's all my machine can do out-of-the-box. It's heavy to hold, bulky to use, and mostly made from plastic. The liner is about 5-in long (plus), but the rollers are less than an inch in size with poor tension and pressure controls (minus). The better option is a push-pull gun, but they're quite expensive (I'm told). With the intention of starting a flame-war, how about one of these l'il blue boxes? I know nothing first-hand, but have read lots of praise on forums, it'll do all the materials you speak of, and you can add a spool-gun later, and you're helping at least one American (probably more) who needs to pay for his/her health insurance. Oh, they probably have five kids to feed too.
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    Push pull is NICE, we have a newer blue box in the welding shop at work and it does alleviate the birds nest issue with a regular push setup but they are pricey. The gun is also fairly large and heavy being it has a drive motor in the handle too. It's not AS large or heavy as the spool gun but it's kinda bulky.

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    I swear this friggen machine keeps blowing my mind. I can hear the clowns at lincoln wishing they hadn't subbed out their R&D department to mexico. LMAO

    For those not familiar with whats going on here. THIS IS A MIG MACHINE on super thin aluminum. No spool gun. Sure TIG can do better, but this is MIG!
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