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Thread: When you need it, you can't find it! Always

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    When you need it, you can't find it! Always

    I'm trying to save some old video tapes onto my hard drive using a converter system I bought. However to make it work I need the original VCR player to play the tapes so the converter can capture the signal onto my computer.

    And of course the player is nowhere to be seen. I just saw it about 9 months back when I cleaned out the garage to expand the workshop area. Now it has vanished. I checked the entire house, every box every nook and unlikely cranny.

    To make it more irritating I can't even go out and buy a 5 dollar VCR player from the thrift shop because the player needs to read PAL tapes (European format) not the NTSC American tape format. Oh sure they have them on ebay if you want to pay 200 bucks...

    Isn't it always like this? Never have what you need when you need it. /end rant

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    Look for something else you have to have, you won't find it either but, you'll probably find the VCR.

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    Find a service online, mail it off and be done with it. I never understood the whole PAL to NTSC thing. Just a royal PITA!
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    Zapins, the vcr is in the rafters of the garage......
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    Mine is in my entertainment center, grand kids use it to watch tapes that were acquired for their parents when they were little. Life moves slowly at my house.
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    Even if you didn't find what you needed you at least rediscovered what you did with this or that, so your time wasn't completely wasted. I know it doesn't make you feel any better. Sorry.


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    I empathize completely.

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    I have a old PAL VCR somewhere, if you were closer you could have it
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