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Thread: ITC-100 on firebrick

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    ITC-100 on firebrick

    I've about decided to build my latest furnace out of stacked fire brick held by an angle iron construction. I am building a Reil type Mongo burner and have plenty of propane. This will be almost exclusively intended for bronze work. My question is whether anyone has experience with coating the brickwork with ITC-100 for better heat reflection. I was also going to surround the brick with kaowool for added insulation then lock it all in with sheet metal cladding. I've worked a lot with 2600 insulboard and it heats quickly but has very little thermal mass.


    Thx, H

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    I have coated 3000 deg IFB with ITC 100. It works fine and stabilizes the outer surface of the IFB to some degree. It makes it a little more durable. I don't buy the claims of increased efficiency. It is not necessary by any means and it is not cheap. Build the furnace without it and add it later if you feel compelled to do so.

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    How about a 1/4" layer of Satanite on it. It paints on easily, rated at 3200F. Makes a good hotface.
    Five pounds should do it.

    On second thought, you could just paint one coat on see how it works.
    Add more if you like it.
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    Satanite is a good choice and it's pretty cheap but I already have the ITC-100 so I'll put it aside for now and use it later if necessary. Good advice, I'll build the furnace and see what it does without anything.

    Thanks, Hollis

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