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Thread: Suggestions of new foundry

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    Well I got my foundry completed, now for the dry out. So I left it at room temp for 6 hours then 6 hours with a 60w bulb then at room temp for another ten. At the minute I have a 200w bulb inside. So anyone have any advice on how long for and how many sessions for the dryout before burnout?

    Also made a dimmer for my blower.

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    Your furnace looks great. Maybe add a couple straps around the outside in lieu of the wire for better stability. There's no telling how brittle the mortar joints will be after it's fired. I would leave the lightbulb in there till you just can't stand it anymore. On the order of days or a week if you're patient enough. I'm more accustomed to solid refractory construction, but I know that a major portion of firing schedules seems to be more about eradicating all of the water before putting the nuts to it with the burner. I'm not sure about your mortar but I imagine it's similar. Manufacturer's instructions are always a good starting point. Once you've got the bulb out start a small wood fire and maintain it for an hour or so and gradually ramp up to to operating temp over the course of several hours. Do you have a lid for it?


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    HEY! Theres the little 20buck blower. COjack, what are you using as a fuel source for your furnace?
    (I'm still miffed I cant get those cheap bricks from my local lowes)
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    Don't currently have a lid, just gonna put 2 bricks on there. Manu. Spec calls for 24 hours before firing. So I gonna wait a few days. Those bricks aren't that cheap where I live, their 5.99 each. But a bag of refractory here is more then 200, put shipping. I plan on putting some more wire around it, just wanted it to set in place without pressure. I'm going to be running waste oil through it.

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    Was wondering about my oil burner and the fuel tank. as of right now i ran it on gravity feed using a ball valve, very uncontrollable, so i have a needle valve to add in and was wondering about the tank being gravity feed, when the fuel starts to get low the pressure will change, then changing the fuel. Is this going to be a problem in controlling the fuel or just a minor fluctuation?

    Was wondering if i could apply a small pressure to the tank maybe or if it possible with my current drip-feed pre-combustion style burner? Also would the trouble be worth the gain in this situation?

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    I added a needle valve and pressurised tank and it makes mixture control really stable with a diesel/ waste oil mix.

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    How did you pressurize your tank, and how much did you add. I read somewhere that around 5 psi is good?

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    I once used an oil tank I made from a length of 4 inch PVC pipe. Obviously the oil pressure at the burner varied as the level of oil went down. So I junked that and used a five gallon metal bucket. I brazed a pipe fitting in the bottom and use a rope and a pulley to hoist it up to the roof when I am melting. I can lower it to add oil. I get no noticeable pressure variation now.

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    I use a $10 12vdc bilge pump to feed my drip oil burner. It's as steady as you get and i don't require a compressor to charge a sealed vessel. I can top up the oil tank during a melt without a hiccup out of the burner.

    edit: took me a minute to find a pic of my pump rig..

    That screws into my fuel tank and keeps the pump an inch or so from the bottom. I could just as easily sit it in a bucket.
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    I have an old aquarium pump that I might use, should be able to apply a pressure to the tank with it and just leave it running?

    Also patience isn't my best quality. Let a fire to start the burnout and I had a blowout of wet cement in the thickest area, within minutes. So back to the 200w light bulb for a few days or a week. I'll have to patch the area. But I think I may wait till the I have the first burnout.


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