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Thread: Crucible tools thread

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    Crucible tools thread

    Come on guys, let's see em! Post your photos of Crucible lifting tongs, Pouring tools and dross skimmers. I'm looking for some inspirational ideas.
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    Oh, man this is getting kinda personal Seriously, my lifting and pouring tools are like what Lionel Oliver suggested and there is nothing unique about the skimmer. Posting pictures is more than I can deal with at the moment, sorry. Good topic though.

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    lol, awesome topic, lets me get my mad max style tools out for a video, lol.

    Here's the video:

    Sorry about the language and wind, but thats my foundry tools that I use. I mainly use steel crucibles, so the normal sized ones, I use the T pouring one, and the small crucibles, I just use the tongs to pick them up.
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    I'm really cheap so everything is home made.
    Crucible is made from 6" pipe
    Lifter in middle, hook for pouring on left, skimmer on right all made from rebar
    What is that squeaking noise?

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    For the #30 crucible


    Pouring shank for #30

    Pouring shank for #8

    Tongs holding #30

    I made everything you see, using a small
    charcoal forge and a 130 amp buzz-box welder.

    I made this blower as well, using Gingery's book. It raises the duty cycle of the welder from 10% to something approaching 100%.

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    Now let's compare those massive 30's for bronze


    A set of A6 for aluminum


    (No moving parts)
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    Don't really have pictures of mine yet.

    My skimmer is a piece of steel all thread 1/4-20, and lifting/pouring tongs for my extinguisher crucibles are an overgrown tongue and groove plier.

    I have an A4 graphite crucible, but it won't fit in my current furnace so no point in having tools for it yet.

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    You guys are some ingenious characters. Cae goes and makes a VIDEO! That lifting tool is slick, simple and effective. Of course, Myfordboy comes rolling in with aerospace quality stuff. As nice as that is, I'm too chicken to have my hand that close to a pot full of bronze.

    I'm all about cheap. NO way am I dumping big money on tools that can be made safe and effective at home.

    Here's a shot of the half assed junk I cobbled together for my gallon sized steel crucible. Now that I'm working with a big boy crucible, time to make some nice stuff. I know I can do better than this. I drilled another carbon rod for a pyrometer for the kiln project. (I'm such a slob) lol
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