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Thread: Roughly 300 Pounds of Homemade sand FREE!

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    Roughly 300 Pounds of Homemade sand FREE!

    A few months ago, I saw an add on Craigslist for free foundry sand, I waited for about a month to see if someone else took it, no one did, so I got it, not wanting to see it go to waste. The man I got it from said he had made a bunch of successful castings for some projects he had and that he's all done with the sand now. It comes in an old cart that is a neat set up where you can make your pattern then just brush the sand back into the bin. Here's why I'm not keeping it. Main reason is I don't have the space, I only have a 2 car garage and I'm trying to do a bunch of work on an old Ford. The other reason, the sand needs mulled, (it hold ok doing the sand "hand squeeze") test, and I don't have a muller, or the space again to make and keep one. The sand/cart is free, local pick up only, you will needs a low trailer with ramps and heavy straps to strap it down, or the ambition to scoop the sand from the cart and load it that way I have shovels you can use. I just want the space back. The sand is located in Rochester, NY 14616 please email me if you're interested.

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    If only there wasn't an entire country between us... I would gladly take it all lol.

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    Email sent.


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