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Thread: Ceramic shell burn out kiln blues.

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    The box??? soon I hope. Got some work to do first.
    But tonight, I heated up the test shell and poured Aluminum in it. My old steel crucible is nasty and has had everything under the sun melted in it. YUK. However, the test piece still came out with AMAZING detail compared to the original wax. Ceramic shell is impressive and I'm looking forward to pouring bronze. I found a few little snags, like my kiln needs a hinge and I'll need to work the sand tray. Here's the photos. To wrap this thread up.
    This pretty much proves the slow hot water dip IS a viable option for dewaxing with no adverse affects to the shell. That I am mildly proud of. :-)


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    That's a nice casting. Congrats on the first ceramic shell mold of many!

    Interesting about the water burnout. Makes a lot of sense and you probably save nearly 100% of the wax.

    I think you'd save more wax during the burnout if you angled the flame so it didn't touch the dripping wax or the bottom of the cone. Great fireworks though! Too bad you didn't melt any rubber wheels (like I accidentally did ).

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