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Thread: Cast a steel axle?

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    might be best to cast then drill a hole and glue the steel axle in, no worries about the aluminum casting
    screwing with the temper of the axle.

    loads of question you need to have answers for
    target price, quantity needed.

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    One more option for getting your axle into a casting. bore the hole in the casting the same size as the axle, or better yet drill under size about .015 and ream to size, then warm the casting up, freeze the axle and put them together. The other thing is some welding supply houses will sell liquid nitrogen if you bring in a glass lined thermos bottle. dipping the axle in liquid Ni will really shrink it to fit the bored hold.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hummina View Post
    Opted to get a 12mm axle cast. All the parts in pics are all steel.

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