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The multi-pack was really cheap so I'll order the pack you suggested as well. Is the buffing pad an attachment for a Dremel or for a completely different machine? I'm guessing it's the later but I wanted to make sure. Thank you for the advice!
There are felt buffing wheels for the dremel, they are small about 1/2" wide and will polish very small things, or tight crevices but they wear out quickly and I don't think they are the best choice for polishing the bones.

The better choice is using a 6" stitched cotton wheel like I linked below with a bench grinder. A bench grinder has 2 wheel attachments on either side. You can disconnect the grinding wheels and put in a polishing wheel instead. There are many types of grinder, basically any kind should work as long as it takes a 6" wheel. There are even versions without the housing material around the wheels which make polishing much easier. But even with the protective housing I think it will still work for you (it is what I use).

Come to think of it, the bench grinder's grinding wheels can also be used to grind away the casting defects instead of the tungsten carbide burs for the dremel. And you can buy a wire wheel for the grinder which can help you clean up the bones or other projects in the future.

This is a bench grinder. They are cheap and can easily be picked up second hand for even cheaper.

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... and then you can use a bench grinder (hopefully you already have one) with a 6" stitched cotton wheel http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-DeWalt-D...wAAOSwjDZYg46Q and use "Ryobi compound D" http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ryobi-Buffin...YAAOSwUuhXcF-k Compound D has a bit of a cutting action, meaning if you keep polishing the same place it will erode the metal away in that spot as if you were sanding it but instead of leaving a rough finish it will leave the metal highly polished like glass. I use it for finishing a lot of my bronze sculptures but the tube says it works for Aluminum as well.

There are also felt wheels for the dremel that you can use, but they won't last very long and are basically only for small parts or tight nooks and crannies.