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Thread: Help needed to cast human skeleton out of aluminum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Menth View Post
    My burner works pretty well
    Good lookin' flame. Remember it will act differently when you stick it in your furnace. Might want to loose the flair on the end too. It's great for focusing the flame for forging but better to have the gas swirl around in there while its burning and spread the heat for casting. Easy enough to experiment with both ways though. Like experimenting with the plinths; just make a few of different heights. Don't forget to take lots of pics along the way! We live vicariously here through others' projects.
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    Hey everyone! Just finished a massive build post over here :

    I hope you all like it! I'll be back tomorrow to ask some questions.

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    Quick question.

    What are some good high-temperature. anti-corrosive paints? I am trying to project the outside of my furnace and my crucible tongs. I am looking for orange and black for colors. Thank you!

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    BBQ paint. But it still won't survive going in and out of the furnace.
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    I'm with Jabboy. Don't worry about painting a furnace. I did, but the first time you open the lid at iron temps, you burnt off a decent part of that paint.

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    Well... Too late! Painted the furnace, crucible tongs and pipe with 500 degree F paint. It may burn off but we did it anyway.

    I actually just updated my build post with my flask box build and painted tools gallery. I am finished gathering materials and am ready for my first pour tomorrow!
    Thank you all for making this possible.

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