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Thread: Cheap little red blower guts and internals

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    But it's the cutest thing on the market.... Hilarious how they made it look like its bigger cousins. It's loud, but it sure blows like a 3 dollar hooker at a truck stop!
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    So that's the price in Texas!
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    Quote Originally Posted by den View Post
    Just need to get that heat-sink cast up for a router speed control, so it won't smoke should the blower run hard for a while.
    Hrmmm, that doesn't smell right. I've got another flavor of chinese crap, fan/router speed control and it doesn't get very warm at all.

    AvE posted a vid a while back about one that ran hot, checked on the o-scope and found it spat out a REALLY crusty half-wave (instead of a chopped up full-wave).

    Might check the inwards and check the datasheets on the part-numbers. Be double-sure Xheech-and-Xong aren't pullin' a fast-one on ya. Though it's entirely possible I'm just paranoid
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