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Thread: Cheap little red blower guts and internals

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    I am surprised it is a squirrel cage blower, looks like a forward curve blower so it is quieter. I would think a radial vane blower would have much more pressure, but louder.
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    It's confirmed. I have a sickness and need help!
    Practically new at the good will. $4.99. Blows like a SOB when you remove the intake plate. Doesn't slow down when ya block off the outflow either.
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    I recently started researching metal casting so I am very, very new and have no experience. Trying to read up and educate myself and maybe build a waste oil fired foundry.

    My question is, how do you turn the vacuum into the blower. I presume you use the outflow side, but interested in how you do that. My shop vac has a place where you can connect a hose to the outflow. But how would you do it on an old household vac?

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