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Thread: Volumetric Air/Fuel required for 100kbtu/hr

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    Volumetric Air/Fuel required for 100kbtu/hr

    Probably been asked and answered many times for but for youburner engineers:

    1. At stoichiometric burn, how many cubic feet per minute ofair and natural gas are required to produce 100kbtu/hr?
    2. Same question for Propane.
    3. In practice, what thermal efficiency is commonly achieved?


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    According to numbers found on wikipedia and

    For natural gas, the stoichiometric ratio is 9.7:1 by volume and the calorific value is 950-1150 btu/ft³
    For propane, 23.9:1 and 2550 btu/ft³.

    As for efficiency, try a search of this site, I seems to recall a thread regarding this a couple years ago.

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