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Thread: another new guy needing advice

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    Hello Dunce.
    Sounds like you are where I was four years ago. Same goals, same vague idea of where to start. I guess it's pretty natural to concentrate on how to get a pot full of molten metal as your starting point. However, you will need some place to pour that melt, a mold preferably. Thus you will need a flask, a bunch of sand, and a pattern. Oh, and a core will likely be needed also.

    My suggestion is to pick a simple first project, for me it was a 1lb. scale counter-weight. Think through each phase and make a list of things you will need, having done that it's easy to spot great deals. Create spaces dedicated for specific activities such as an area for making sand molds, and area for creating patterns, etc.

    My furnace is a Lionel Oliver kit and it cost me around $300 to construct if memory serves me right. I'm melting 10-15 lbs. of aluminum using propane. I can pour, machine, scrap, pour again and machine in one day. I can make a core in two years, tops.

    So, enjoy the journey. It's going to be fun.


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    I'm still very new here too, but I want to share the most educational tip I've figured out here yet.

    Go to your profile settings, and change the thread history.

    When I joined I was only seeing threads less than 2 weeks old, changing that to "from the beginning" has made a huge research difference.

    The gingery books are available in ebook form

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    Welcome aboard. Here is a project I made a while back, you always need a vise. I casts it in Aluminum, my suggestions is to make it from a harder metal (Zamack)


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    Not to preach to the choir here, but take a look at the google map of casters and find someone close to you.

    Don't think that we don't like newbs....Man, until I met SolarFreak I had no clue how to do this stuff (I had a hundred or so posts before I melted my first puddle).....One weekend and he had me on track...
    "If you work with your hands, you’re a laborer.
    If you work with your hands and your mind, you’re a craftsman.
    If you work with your hands and your mind and your heart, you’re an artist."

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    I wish I had a bucket of molten bronze each time someone pops in and out with a question and never heard from again. :-/
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    Yeah same here jag. I'd never need to resupply if that were the deal. Maybe dunce will be back later. Sometimes real life gets in the way (or the wife).

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    I try to always give people the benefit of the doubt. Unless they get downright obnoxious. I have no way of knowing just what kind of pressure they are under.

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