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Thread: Propane torch will flames out when I close the lid on the forge

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    Thank you very much for your reply
    I was only teasing Richard

    This is my first time of making post and a forge (Oops I forgot I mean Furnace)
    If I knew every thing I would be GOD
    Then again I would know what you all have been up too! TUC TUC O'Dear

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    Hi Ric, welcome.
    It's not being pedantic, it's just trying to communicate effectively so everyone is on the same page.

    Now the burner, is your mig tip inline with the tube? If it is, try removing the cap on the rear and running it naturally aspirated. I think you'll find it will perform just fine.

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    I suspect that your propane orifice is too small. I have made four propane burners. They are all naturally aspirated. Two are Reils (made with 1/2 inch and a 3/4 inch iron pipe) and the other two are Lionel designs (both 3/4 inch iron pipe). In the 1/2 inch Reil I use a .025 orifice (.6 mm). In the three 3/4 inch burners I use .043 orifices. (1.09 mm) They burn perfectly.

    A number of people here have found these sizes to be right on. For a one inch tube you probably want to try something larger than .043.

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    I understand the confusion, or better said the "want" behind the confusion...

    "Forge" sounds cooler than "Furnace". I mean nearly everyone in the appropriate climate has some level of furnace in their home keeping it warm in the cooler months. When you build something that spits fire and has the ability to melt metal, calling it a piece of HVAC equipment robs from the thunder.

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    AH... the kingofbullshit strikes again..... no surprise here. :-/
    Someone is going to sue this douchebag someday when their 9yr old burns down their house.
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    Eh that guy.

    I like how he tests it out inside his home.

    Also the BBQ tank will freeze over time unless bathed in warm water. It drops the pressure down below melting bronze temperatures. It probably won't melt bronze without a blower.

    I do like the dual propane burners though but it will be expensive long term. Just like my last casting session. 7 hours of casting cost $160 worth of BBQ propane tanks. Oil is the natural next step in my propane burner design...

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    $160 bucks in propane? Yeah.. you gotta get the oil thing worked out.
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    Oops... I tested my first burner in the house....a lot....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert View Post
    Oops... I tested my first burner in the house....a lot....
    Me too. That 3 foot flame worked wonders for getting cob webs off the ceiling
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