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Thread: Quick project (hopefully)

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    A spit roast for a haggis? Jousting lance for small people? Anal probe?

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    It'll be interesting to see how it's gated.

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    Absolutely correct Zadig, a finial. I have considered the lightning implications but it is what the client wants. Nearly got round to your Christmas email but depression got the better of me.
    Anal probe is an idea, maybe I should cast a couple of spares.
    Dont know about the gating yet Petee, I will be tight for flask space, shrinkage is more of a worry.

    All the best for the new year

    Needs must while the devil rides.

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    All the best to you too Donk. These Southerners have some funny ideas where Butt Plugs are concerned.

    I hope "depression" is just a euphemism for the Scottish weather along with the time of year and nothing more.

    I got those "Wee bricks" from the place you found in Northern Ireland and they are now in and look great. I searched high and low for them but I had a feeling you would know where to look, thanks again for the info.

    I've missed your work Donk, hope there is more to come. Look after yourself and Happy New Year.

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    The depression thing is for real, about a week every Christmas, out of it now and functioning again.
    Todays quick project.
    New stock for this old knackered screwlock bevel, the stock is broken and you cant tighten it enough with the screw to lock it.

    New stock is great but still cant tighten it enough by hand to lock it, pair of grips makes it solid.

    Been missing your updates too Zadig, you finished that engine yet?

    Needs must while the devil rides.

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    Todays progress
    1st pour was a breeze and came out near enough perfect, second had the shrink issues I was expecting.
    From the look of the surface I would say the metal was overheated.
    Also some big sand defects, my sand definitely dosnt work so well warm.

    Needs must while the devil rides.

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