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Thread: Sintered Powdered Metal Parts

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    Really very interesting project. Did you have to guess at the volume change during the pressing? how close was the calculation... also interested in the shrink factor when you sinter the first part.

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    The supplier of the powdered metal provided a bulk density. I then looked up the density of the solid metal (90/10 bronze) in this case. I made a guesstimate of the target final density as a percentage of maximum theoretical density and found some graphs showing shrink factor based on sintering and from that I was able to calculate the volume change. I have some video footage explaining this that I need to edit and upload. I did all this for 100% bronze powder but I'm actually mixing the bronze with 5% by weight graphite so I had to re-do the calculations to correct for this. I'll plan on showing the actual calculations for anyone is interested.

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    Bravo! I'm highly interested in further experimentation.

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