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Thread: New Engine Build

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    yea, they're usable for sure, but with the slide valve messed up, Ill have to get creative to make another somehow.

    I love my shaper, that thing gets more use than my furnace or my lathe does in all honesty. The stuff I can do with it is insane, and it's easy to make tooling for it, and if you need a custom tool, just grab a piece of cheap HSS lathe bit, shape it to how you want it, and thats it. No need to worry about ordering expensive cutters, and to resharpen them, since you made them, you can easily resharpen them, lol. I have around a half of a large toolbox of equipment for the shaper alone, and it really hasnt cost me anything except time. I honestly dont know what I'd do without it, and I know for sure that I wouldnt trade it for a bridgeport for anything, lol.

    The part that has me worried about is boring out the cylinder. I finally got my lathe fixed today, but a bit of a problem has me stumpped. My nut for the shaper vise snapped because the original was made of cast brass, which was really weak. I then made a replacement part since my lathe was out of commision by just welding a 1/2" nut to a piece of threaded rod, and yesterday, the weld snapped since I didnt mean for it to be permanent. Anyways, I made a new one out of a piece of steel I found on the railroad tracks, It was very hard steel, but cut pretty nicely, but now Im at the last part of needing to cut the threads in the thing, and the steel is so hard that I cant even get the tap to even start. I think it may be tool steel of some sort, but it can be cut pretty easily with a HSS bit, drilling is a little more difficult, and tapping seems to be impossible. Im starting to think that Im just going to need to just throw it in the bonfire or the furnace and get it to annealing temp and let it cool in the fire or the furnace. Im not sure what to do with it, but would really like to get it done since I had gotten every part of it finished except that.

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    If you get stuck, tell me what you need and I will send it to you in a flat rate box.
    I have a considerable amount of scrap steel, fasteners, etc, and flat rate boxes are cheap.
    Smarter, not harder.

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    Im good, I just need to figure out how to tap it is all, lol. I have plenty of scrap steel around here, but Ive gotten to this point and really dont want to have to do it all over again, lol. Thanks for the offer tho.

    Edit: I just used my old trick, if it wont work, you just need more heat, lol. I blasted the crap out of it with the torch and it did nothing, I then blasted the crap out of it with the burner from my furnace, it turned bright orange almost yellow color, and started to burn the steel, I stopped and let it cool down to room temperature, then tried tapping it again. I managed to get it just soft enough to tap a thread in it. Now I have my shaper vise fixed and I know 3 things now. That s**** is going on the shelf as a reminder never to mess with that stuff again, everything here on out is a piece of cake to machine compared to that, and that that leadscrew nut will outlast that shaper vise and shaper, lol. The way I take care of stuff, that wont be happening during my lifetime, lol...

    Anyways, the shaper vise is fixed again, but this time, it should be fixed for good, and I can get back to working on steam engine parts.
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    Good deal.
    Glad you got it worked out.
    Smarter, not harder.

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