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Very pretty work. Following with interest. Are you going to run a real boiler or run it off compressed air? Is this a purpose built engine or just for show?
I was going to just run it off of compressed air for now, I dont have a boiler big enough to run something of this size. I was thinking of running my lineshaft in my shop off of it when the power goes out, or running a small generator unit that I have when needed. For now tho, I was also planning on taking it to a few steam shows that I go to also, so I was going to go with this engine, the O&S, and an A frame vertical engine to take with me. Im casting them in A413 for the high wear parts or adding wear pads of steel for the bronze to ride on, but will eventually like to cast them in iron when I get the cupola made.

Anyways, here's some pics of the castings. If you follow along with my youtube videos, youve already seen these up close.


I still need to mold the main frame body, and redo a bit of the brass parts like the crosshead, slide valve, and eccentric strap. I need to machine up my indexing table and angle plate before I can start machining the steam engine tho. Im still not sure how to machine the port face slots, but I have a few ideas that might work.