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Thread: New Engine Build

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert View Post
    Very pretty work. Following with interest. Are you going to run a real boiler or run it off compressed air? Is this a purpose built engine or just for show?
    I was going to just run it off of compressed air for now, I dont have a boiler big enough to run something of this size. I was thinking of running my lineshaft in my shop off of it when the power goes out, or running a small generator unit that I have when needed. For now tho, I was also planning on taking it to a few steam shows that I go to also, so I was going to go with this engine, the O&S, and an A frame vertical engine to take with me. Im casting them in A413 for the high wear parts or adding wear pads of steel for the bronze to ride on, but will eventually like to cast them in iron when I get the cupola made.

    Anyways, here's some pics of the castings. If you follow along with my youtube videos, youve already seen these up close.


    I still need to mold the main frame body, and redo a bit of the brass parts like the crosshead, slide valve, and eccentric strap. I need to machine up my indexing table and angle plate before I can start machining the steam engine tho. Im still not sure how to machine the port face slots, but I have a few ideas that might work.

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    Im sorry I havnt really posted anything on here in a while, I havnt really gotten any time to get to the shop to work on this, and I still needed to make the body of the steam engine. I tried pouring the engine body once but ended up with a short pour because I wasnt able to pour enough metal, so I ended up having to make a larger crucible, one for 2 people to pour, but ran out of welding wire before I could finish welding up the crucible tongs. I also decided to make the cylinder at 2 3/4" instead of 3", mainly because I found a 2 3/4" cast iron liner that Ill shrink/push into the cylinder along with a few piston rings for it. The brass piston blank was far too heavy imo and would cause all kinds of weight being pushed around, and it would cause the engine to shake all over the place. I recast it, made 2 more piston blanks today in A413 aluminum, which is what normal engine pistons are made out of for high wear resistance. Here's pics of the new pistons that I cast today, I made 2 so that if I have a goof when machining, I have an extra.


    I was kinda also putting off the steam engine project till I finished the angle plate and indexing table, which the table, all I have left to do on it is just to make some clamps to lock the indexing disk so it wont move when in use, and need some 1/2" nuts to finish the angle plate so I can machine the top and bottom of them, then those two will be finished and be ready to use also. I dont have many tools other than my foundry, drill press, metal shaper, and my lathe to machine all of this up, so alot of the tools I need to complete it, Im trying to make all of them before getting too much into the steam engine build. I also needed to make a mandrel to hold the end caps and various pieces so I could machine them, so here's a few pics.

    Photo2088.jpgScreenshot at 2017-05-15 21:46:16.jpgScreenshot at 2017-05-15 21:47:09.jpg

    Ive been having a few issues with my boring bar on my lathe, so I wanted to get that worked out before I tried boring out the cylinder on the steam engine, also I wanted to get the lathe moved to the new shop and perfectly leveled before I started boring it so I didnt end up with any tapers or anything.

    I havnt really had much time to work on this lately with summer coming around and everyone wanting to work outside getting everything fixed up. Also, my best friend has been going through a seriously rough time, so Ive been with him most of the time, so havent really had much interest in casting or machining on the steam engine for a few weeks really.

    Sorry again for not much of an update, but thats all I really have gotten done so far.

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    The cylinder is looking good.
    I like the idea of the cast iron sleeve.

    I am sure you saw the sleeve jhenise used in his motorcycle cylinder.
    It seemed to work well for him.
    Starts about post #124

    There may be a possibility of milling the passages behind the sleeve, or perhaps hand grinding them if no mill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjcaster View Post
    There may be a possibility of milling the passages behind the sleeve, or perhaps hand grinding them if no mill.
    I forgot all about that one really, I was talking to a friend about building the steam engine and they mentioned using the cast iron sleeve if they were going to put any real load on it. I thought about it and the other day, I was moving back to the camper, which is right next to where I cast, and when cleaning up, I found a cast iron cylinder in a box of parts scrapped from the lawnmower engines that I had melted down.

    I can pretty easily drill the steam passages now that I have the adjustable angle plate, but it's just the slots on the port face, which I may just chain drill it out and use a dremel to remove the remaining material since it's a blind slot. I have a 2 flute and 3 flute carbide endmill in my dremel box that Ive used with aluminum many times before, and it works really well, just need to keep it very lubricated or it wants to load up. If nothing else, Ill just make a small milling head and do it that way, I was thinking of making a cnc machine one of these days, so just make it universal to all of my machines, lol.

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    Been following along here and on your youtube channel; you seem to be moving along really well despite what you say about not having had time to work on these projects. I haven't even managed to light my furnace yet this year! Waiting for a dry weekend, but it's been nothing but rainy Saturdays and Sundays so far... Keep it up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobho Mott View Post
    you seem to be moving along really well despite what you say about not having had time to work on these projects
    It's called lack of sleep, lol. Usually Im up half of the night so I can work on machining the stuff. Its also why alot of my machining and random videos have poor light, its being recorded at 2-3 in the morning, lol.The casting stuff, I just have to schedule around everyone else, and usually I do the casting when my father is at a doctor's appointment, and my mother is at work, so I get a few hours to myself if we can get someone to chaperone with my father to the appointment instead. I tend to take advantage of any and all time that I can get. The trick is to have lots and lots of coffee on hand, lol.

    I was originally wanting to get this engine done before soule festival and algonquin festival so I can take it there, but I wasnt in much of a rush because it originally was going to be a winter project. The first festival is in october, and just trying to get everything else done up here first and cast out, then I can let it sit and naturally age and destress over time. Thats kinda why I havnt tried going any faster. I may just try getting the bulk of the castings done and just take the castings to the festivals with the patterns to show the casting stuff rather than just the engine.
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    Those are really nice patterns you have made. Look forward to seeing the resulting castings. How many lb/kg will the largest casting be?

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    Ive already poured the parts except the main body. They turned out really nicely, and the pics should be above. I put most of the castings in a milk crate and weighed it, it was around 60-70lbs, and that didnt include the main body of it. I did try to pour the main body once but it ended up with a short pour since I didnt have a big enough crucible to melt enough metal. It ate a bit over 2 liters of molten metal, and still wasnt enough metal to fill the mold up fully. Since then, Ive made a crucible to do around 7 litres of metal, and reinforced the pattern a bit more, so it'll probably take around 3 liters of metal easily to fill up the mold.

    There is some pics above of the castings btw. I usually post more on my youtube channel in video form, but I record the casting and machining parts of building this if you wanted to see how far it really has come and how it is turning out.

    Overall, i think the engine will weigh probably 100-125lbs when all of the pieces are put together and all of the steel bits are finished.

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    I finally got the port face done up, I did it in the vise since I had it bolted down to the shaper and when finishing it up, it shifted the cylinder a little bit and cut the port face at a slight angle. It was only out maybe 20 thousandths but it was enough to annoy me, so I took another pass over it, but this time, I made sure it was square, lol. I just bolted the thing to the front of the angle plate, and bolted the angle plate to the shaper table. That thing is so overbuilt and ridgid that it didnt even flinch at having the shaper cut stuff attached to it, lol.

    Screenshot at 2017-05-25 16:12:49.jpgScreenshot at 2017-05-25 16:15:44.jpg

    I also got the layout for the ports done up, chain drilled them, then took my dremel with a carbide 2 flute endmill to connect and clean up the ports. It's not the prettiest ports, but they should work ok. I also screwed up and tried cleaning up my slide valve, and took too much off, resulting in a scrap casting, so Ill have to either make another one, or Ill just cut one out of the old piston that I made since it's the same naval brass/bronze alloy. Little by little, Im getting things done up. The thing that looks like a cover is actually one of the piston blanks, I just cast everything way oversize so I have more than enough to machine back to make a good piston. Also, I need to cast a new steam chest cover, I had all of the parts together but somehow the steam chest cover disappeared, so Ill just have to pour another one when I go to pour the body of the engine itself.


    Next step is to drill the bolt holes and bore out the cylinder in preparation for the cylinder liner.

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    Looks like the ports turned out pretty good.

    I like that shaper; it is built like a tank.

    The beauty of backyard casting is you can always cast another one if need be, and I have often needed a second (or more) part before I get it right.

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