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Thread: Need hobbyist to do lost wax castings-aluminum

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    Need hobbyist to do lost wax castings-aluminum

    I have about 40 different pieces to make out of aluminum. 14 of them are figurines about 4.5 tall (12cm). Several slightly bigger. Some smaller.
    This is for a personal project. Because of the level of detail I am hoping for and the low quantity, lost wax casting seem to be the best option.
    I would supply STL files to get 3D printed or I can get the 3D printing and ship the models. I tried to cast the aluminum myself and failed miserably at each attempt.
    If you are a lobbyist looking to make extra $ on a fun project please contact me.
    Also since I failed in my attempts, I am selling a propane burner, a perforated flask 4 dia x 8.5 long. And I am giving away several pounds of wax and 8 gallons of plaster. I am in Ontario Canada (local pickup).

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    How about a picture of what you are looking to have cast?
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