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I thought you were a propane guy Art? That explains how you're rolling in 100dollar bills tilting metal into "if it fits it ships" boxes on fleabay! lol

You selling bronze yet???? Going rate is over 5bucks a pound. You can make some pretty good coin if you can convince Rasper to teach ya how to turn copper scrap into gold! You'll have a bunch of buyers right here!
Actually i have fired big burners to small with everything from crude oil, coke gas, pulverized coal, wood chips,natural gas, propane, diesel.etc. My background has a lot of combustion in it. The largest burner that i have been around was about 120millioin BTUH in a pulp dryer, it had a NG backup that was 6" at 60psi. it actually fired on coke gas most of the time. The pilot light was a 4 million btuh NG burner, the fire ball was about 15 ft in diameter and 65 to 75 ft long.

I've thought about doing bronze etc but i don't have the metallurgy knowledge i would need, aluminum is easy it stays within 356 specs by using cylinder heads. Once i got a source for cylinder heads that was consistent, i built the furnace specific to that use. For bronze i would need to come up with a source for the raw scrap and from my understanding it would be hard to keep the product consistent.

Art B