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Thread: Cleaning Waste Oil Burners

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    I drove up to Utica NY and picked mine up 3 weeks ago, but yeah the stuff can't freeze or it doesn't work. Lasts a long time though. I used my first batch for 6 years.

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    Ive been trying to avoid investment stuff as much as possible due to lack of space for everything, extreme lack of money, and everything freezes up here, so it will be as useless as the greensand during the winter. I honestly have always used greensand casting and prefer it due to it being quick and easy to just make up a pattern and mold, rather than needing to make rubber molds, wait for investment to dry, do burn out, etc and as soon as my shop is finished, I plan on having a heated shop, so the sand molding box wont be freezing again, also during the winter time, there's usually too much snow flying around/on the ground to even drag the furnace out yet alone run it. I usually do molds that are quite big, and I'd end up using up most of the investment and wax on just one or two molds, so Im trying to refrain from using anything like that where as the greensand is reusable again and again. I ended up cleaning my burners and most of the problem that I found was with the oil trying to get into the mig tip nozzle for the air jet and clogging that, if I just run some soapy water in it after Im finished with it, it should be fine.

    I know there is stuff you can add to the fuel tanks, but buying stuff to add into the tanks kinda defeats the point of free fuel by using cooking oil :P I was just curious if anyone else had run into this, and I guess that Ill just have to filter it a bit more before using it and that should solve my issues.
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    Ask my wife where the pail of my slurry lives.... In our bedroom next to the night stand. I KID YOU NOT! No way will I let that bucket get any colder than 70degrees. ;-)

    Cae, I missed the part I guess where you are burning chicken and fish greasy. lol No wonder you have a biological green slime growing goo in your burner. Used motor oil my friend. It won't rot and go rancid on ya. Best part it stays fluid down to sub zero temps. (flows like honey, but won't congeal at least! lol )
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    ok, after looking into this a bit, I realized that the only real green slime was around and in the copper mig tip inside of it, which is where it was clogged up really. I was looking around trying to figure out what could be going on and ended up looking up stuff for people running wvo in cars and such, and having the exact same problem when using anything made of copper in thier fuel lines, fuel tank or as a preheater for the oil. I kept getting conflicting answers from different people where some would say that they wouldnt get it where as most said that they did develop the green slime, and after looking at a bunch of different things, I discovered that some had removed the water in the wvo, and others did not. The ones with water in the cooking oil were reacting with the copper to create a green slime. The problem seems to be a reaction between the oil, water, and copper being used as a catalyst to create whatever that slime stuff is. If you google "wvo copper green slime" youll see a bunch of people that have run into the exact same thing. It only seems to be a reaction with cooking oil that has a bit of water dissolved into it and the copper.

    Ive found that just running some cleaner through it when your getting ready to shut it down, like some kerrosine or diesel through it to flush out the cooking oil, or even some soapy water might work, it'll flush all of that out and you wont end up with that issue. Ive also discovered that the more acidic (rancid) the oil is, it'll react much faster to create the green slime around copper tubing/mig tip, so thats what happened in my case. I thought it might have been bacteria at first, but it was only in the burner around the mig tip, which is where it had gotten all clogged up, and eventually started looking that up. I also didnt see any of the slime or bacteria in the tubing or anywhere else, which is all ptfe tubing/brass stuff, so it seems to only react to pure copper for some reason.

    I tried motor oil a few times but it was usually so thick that the thing just wouldnt run with it, and I ended up with just a massive mess that I had to use diesel to clean it with to get it to run again. I liked using this cooking oil because it's almost like water, and the burner can suck it through very easily and it burns really easily also.

    I figured I would write what Ive found out in case someone else in the future had run into this.

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    Cool... Now you know the real reason behind the green slime, bottle it and sell it to the squirrels in california. Call it a detox drink and tell them where it really came from. They'll pay you tons for it. We used to get green slime occasionally in the fuel tanks on our cape dory sailboat years ago. Airplanes that burn jet fuel can suffer from it too. I think it's a diesel thing. Moisture will always find a way to end up where ya dont want it.

    I haven't tried WVO through my kwicky, but I'll try it in the spring time for S&G's.
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    I honestly like it because there's no real smell out of the stuff that I burn, even being directly over the furnace where as you usually get a funky smell out of motor oil that tends to burn your sinuses and eyes when i tried running it.

    lol, I would do that, but cant afford the labeling that they place on everything now, the "this has been known to cause cancer, stupidity, and all of the above in the state of california" sticker that is on everything, lol.
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