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Thread: Stainless like-copper alloy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfcreek-Steve View Post
    Being a high percentage of nickel cuper-nickel allows are quite stainless even at elevated temps. That is their forte.

    It might help us help you if you gave us a clue as to what you are doing with this alloy.

    High Nickel alloys will corrode, but it is green, not red. technically it is verdigris, not rust. but it will not flake off like Feo2(rust). for a stainless appearance, consider Chroming it after casting.

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    I think there is slight misunderstanding of anodizing aluminum and how it is colored. When aluminum is anodized it grows a thin layer of oxide in small tube like structure (some refer to them as pores) at a right angle to the surface. Dye in whatever color is desired is introduced to the tubes and then sealed typically with a nickel acetate based solution. Perhaps you are thinking of anodizing titanium or other reactive metals where the voltage determines the final color? In any case, once sealed and provided UV resistant dyes were used the color is long lasting and can have a mirror like shine.


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    Maybe a high phosphorus and trace of silicon would give the reddest color, the phosphorus likely slowing the patina by preventing copper carbonate/oxide?

    Look at C65500 bronze (google it for photos)--it has pretty acceptable corrosion resistance, even in salt water. To me it always appeared to be a little red.

    Most alloying metals (i.e. nickel, zinc, aluminum, tin etc.) will whiten Cu up.
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