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Thread: Speaking from my love of art

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    Jaguar wasn't far behind Lucas. My XK-150 had an electric fuel pump. It was mounted on the inside of the chassis rail, directly behind the left front wheel. Everything the wheel threw back was thrown at the fuel pump. Once a piece of rock or something got thrown up and smashed the whole thing.

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    SU pump no doubt. What a dumb place to mount it. Mine is INSIDE the car back in the right wheel arch. STINKS like hell when it leaks. I had an MGB-GT back in college and the ENTIRE top of the gas tank had rust holes in it. My dad, being the frugal boat guy that he is helped me fiberglass the top of that tank. Lasted, Oh about 6months and that was that. lol
    300bucks got me a brand new tank. My jag had a tiny pin hole leak on the bottom of the tank years ago. I BRAZED THAT HOLE! Talk about NERVOUS! Or stupid!
    Replacement cost of a Jag fuel tank >>>>>> $700.
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