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Thread: New guy in WI

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    It was very cold! i think it was single digits that day. That's what i get for moving back to Wisconsin! I'm going to keep plugging away as much as possible. In the winter it is especially hard because sunday is the only day i have off of work , and monday through saturday the sun goes down before i get home. That and the cold makes for some slow going. Also i'm going back in next week for the other wrist surgery so that's another 2 weeks away from doing anything fun like this

    I got an eastwood mig 175 welder, it's a cheaper 220v mig/fluxcore welder that supposedly works fairly well, especially for the price. it has a 3 year warranty too and from what I hear eastwood will take back and replace it hassle free should it break down on me. The tank is 75/25 Ar/CO2, and the supply place is only a half mile from my house which is nice. Still gotta get the wiring done, but a member here suggested an extension cord in the mean time, which i think i will do. That would be nice to get my air compressor going, too. When i picked it up from a different uncle he plugged it in and it fired right up and got up to pressure, and held the pressure for months. Since then i haven't been able to use it because the watermelon sized electric motor needs 220.

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    While wiring the type of curcuit you're talking about isn't childs play, it is not rocket science. There are undoubtedly things going on in the panel that I don't completely understand, but I am able to follow instructions, I know what not to touch, and I give it the respect it deserves. There may be a reason for you not to do it yourself. I wouldn't know. But although the job is outside of your experience it's not beyond your ability with competent guidance. For me to have that experience has been a huge asset.


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    Someplace here was a page about all ya ever need to wire up a 220 plug. 220 doesnt scare me anymore, its 440 i wont touch.
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    I've done a bit of wiring, mainly related to my appliance repair job (I.e. Wiring power for installing dishwashers, dryer/oven cords, some appliance outlet replacements when they were faulty etc...) but the main reason for wanting a pro is just to keep things up to code and he has scopes and stuff to run wiring through finished areas to the box- there isn't clear access. He's also a relative and would be willing to run a small breaker box in my garage and everything if I just buy the materials. Whipping up an extra long extension cord should be simple enough in the mean time, and it means it will give me and excuse to remove the rickety cobbled nightmare firehazzard that is the power cord on my air compressor lol

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    Found it for ya bud. It's here, but worth repeating.
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    "Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war"
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