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Thread: Interesting Pic Thread

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    Interesting Pic Thread

    Sometime I run across an interesting pic that needs no discussion but needs to be shared. Here's one!
    For sale in the CLT:

    Look at that damn tailstock!

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    They aren't big until you have a full compliment of controls on the tool post and a chair to sit in up there. The last one I ran (one week) was a 32 inch swing over the apron and more that 24 feet between centers.
    What is that squeaking noise?

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    It'll make a good hobby lathe for somebody!
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    I was going to buy it until they said the fan in the background was not included in the sale. What a deal breaker, LOL.

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    Check out this Youtube channel if you're not already familiar with it. Adam has a home shop in florida, but works someplace else on some really HUGE stuff.

    Occasionally, the monster stuff pops up in his videos.
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    Daumn! Why bother with V-ways, just use MF'in train-tracks! Then: caboose == tail-stock

    I saw a vid. of some dude in <insert 3rd world country> working a wood-lathe about that same size, BY HAND. As in, he had a flippin' TREE spinning in the thing, and he was holding the gouge with both arms locked to his side. Man you shouldda seen it afterward. Was the smoothest, most ornate, biggest damn toothpick I ever seen!
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    And to think, a 12" lathe scares the sh!t outta me with what it can swing!

    I'm good with my 6" craftsman.
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    I need the high speed, heavy duty model, Oh well!

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    The chuck alone must cost a few K's...
    I found that trying to find what I need and then make it work with what I have, is more trouble than designing what I want and doing it.

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    Sadly a lathe 1/20 that size would cost more than the full size model we see

    Cheers Phil
    So, whats your Plan B?

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