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Thread: Kelly's Furnace Build Log

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    Burlington, IA? Hey, that's just 80 miles S-SW of God's Country

    Quote Originally Posted by cojo98v6 View Post
    Your not alone Robert, somehow I missed it too.
    The forum posts don't hang around the top very long so unless you browse deeper into the most recent posts it's easy to miss some...happens to me all the time.

    Kcoffield, this is an incredible build, very impressed. I've been needing to build a shank/trolly for bigger crucible that I'll use in my bigger furnace I'm building. Right now I use the A16 and when topped off with aluminum it about at the limit I can lift and pour by myself. You've given me inspiration to go build one now, just have to finish my new shop first.
    Thank you for your reply and please post up when you build the shank/trolley

    Take care,

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    Gods country? So if I'm south that would make me in ........ lol So, guessing your in the quad cities area then.

    I guess it does, I'll have to keep checking back sooner.

    I'll definitely post pictures once I do. Once I get the shop done I plan on ramping up my foundry set up as well, so many pictures to come once I do this.

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    Wow! That's definitvely overkill but so much enjoyable. What a great result!
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    Furnace Build Update January 8th, 2016

    Back at it. I made the sheet metal skins, cut/fit the ceramic wool, and united all the pieces of my larger furnace.

    That center section is an 8 kw electric insert for heat treating, burn out, and controlled heats up to 2200F or so.

    I have a 200 watt light bulb in there now and I’ll be interested to see at what temperature it stabilizes. After a few days of the light bulb I’ll use the electric section and ramp and soak PID to run it up 100F/hr.

    I’ll turn my attention to adding the lid lifting mechanism for my rig now.

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    A work of art, may it never see a scratch

    How'd ya form those lap offsets pieces (dunna know whatcha call them)...where the outer skins come together?
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    Quote Originally Posted by r4z0r7o3 View Post
    A work of art, may it never see a scratch
    It's a right of ascension like the first paint chip or door ding in your new car.

    How'd ya form those lap offsets pieces (dunna know whatcha call them)...where the outer skins come together?
    Yah, offset lap joint. I just clamped it to my welding table sandwiched between a piece of heavy angle on top and a piece of sheet metal the thickness of the offset underneath, both aligned with the offset so it was hanging unsupported. I used a 2" x 3" hunk of 1/4" thick scrap mild steel as my forming die (and believe me, that's a very generous description) and just walked on down the offset line beating it with a hammer. If you round/relieve the ends of the die a little on the belt sander it doesn't mar as bad. -Crude but effective.

    Here's another crude but effective forming exercise. Wooden buck, vise, and 3" pipe as my hammer.

    r4z0r7o3, I saw you today in my shop lurking in my scrap bucket.

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    Man I wish I had more time to watch Alloy Avenue like I used to! I have totally missed this build thread. AWESOME. That is all.
    I got tired of being told what I can't do...

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