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Not to pat myself on the back but that's a good call.
Lol, well, not to toot your horn for you, it was a good idea. I had a vision of exactly the stitch-weld, crud-in-gap scenario you described...you must not have been wearing your tin-foil hat yesterday.

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The frame is hinged to access the inside...
Actually, I was planning on putting the handle on the inside, so I don't trip over it. Then for access, I'd remove one of the skins to grab the handle, then I can lift open the door easily

(Sorry, don't mean to poke fun, just the image of that reminds me of looney-tunes)

Seriously though, I've actually been mulling over screwing the skins on instead of welding them. However, I'm also searching for reasons why I might ever want to change/remove/swap them. So far, only reasons I can come up with are cosmetic. Anything y'all can think of? Probably best just weld 'em on.