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Thread: r4z0r7o3's Crucible-furnace lifting mechanism / transport-stand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J. Vibert View Post
    Not to pat myself on the back but that's a good call.
    Lol, well, not to toot your horn for you, it was a good idea. I had a vision of exactly the stitch-weld, crud-in-gap scenario you must not have been wearing your tin-foil hat yesterday.

    Quote Originally Posted by J. Vibert View Post
    The frame is hinged to access the inside...
    Actually, I was planning on putting the handle on the inside, so I don't trip over it. Then for access, I'd remove one of the skins to grab the handle, then I can lift open the door easily

    (Sorry, don't mean to poke fun, just the image of that reminds me of looney-tunes)

    Seriously though, I've actually been mulling over screwing the skins on instead of welding them. However, I'm also searching for reasons why I might ever want to change/remove/swap them. So far, only reasons I can come up with are cosmetic. Anything y'all can think of? Probably best just weld 'em on.
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    Are these skins going to be BOLTED onto more Chineseium, like your adamantium frame? You can't drill that stuff and now you want to tap it too? Good luck with that, just weld'em on and be done with it.

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