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Thread: 3D printing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mach View Post
    Ditto on affordable. While I don't imagine it'll be affordable. Cx5 Sculptable Filament is reusable as sculpting wax. Still not out yet though.
    ive played with the cx5, pretty interesting stuff. I had no idea they made a printable filament.
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    I went ahead and pulled the Trigger on a new FT-5. Estimated Ship date is July 29. I'll update once it comes in and I get it assembled. Hoping to get it up in running before the weather cools off.

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    I bought a Delta DLT-180 from some knockoff site, and played with it for a bit. Being my first printer I hated the delta. It wasn't accurate, i always had to re-level the bed and it generally just pissed me off all the time.

    I used it to print the parts to make the printer shown at this link

    I have printed over 10 2.2kg rolls of filament through this fusebox, and i Love it. It sits idle sometimes for months at a time, and all i have to do is check if the bed stayed level (because of moving it around) and load a file to the sd card and click print. (well, sometimes i have to re-feed the filament, turns out it gets brittle and breaks when left out)

    I want to build a bigger volume printer, but that ft-5 for under 500 bones looks tempting.

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