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Thread: 3D printing

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    3D printing

    Hello guys

    I will buy me some 3D printer soon. But which on had a good quality? I reckon the assembly kits are the best choice? Right? A fellow tells my that assembly kits are more stable the the common printer. I think this example looks no bad. Stable and robust.

    Can anybody tell my which points are important when I search a 3D printer? That is a totaly new experience for me. Thanky guys..

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    I really like my Robo 3D R1. Great price, print area, and resolution in a printer that comes ready to print. great support from the user group on the forums there also.

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    I think you need to sit down and figure out what criteria you want met in a printer. Off the top of my head I can think of

    machine cost, consumables cost, suitability of consumables for what you want to do, resolution, surface finish, multiple materials (support vs main structure or different colors in one part), software and computer needs, ease of use, adjustability, mean time between repair, . . .

    and probably several more would occur to someone familiar with the printing.

    Until you know what you need from the printer you can't know what printer you might buy.


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    Important points to search for are filament diameter, heated/unheated build platform, filament type ABS/PLA or both, active cooling.

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    michael has a good point, it all depends on what you want to print, and sizes and such. I have a prusa I2 and a printrbot jr (first gen), and I like both alot, which I primarilly use PLA plastic due to low shrinkage and ease of printing, and doesnt smell like burning plastic in the room that it's printing in. I do wish I had something like a delta printer like a rostock unit so I could print taller things without limitation. Some newer printers have a full 200x200x200 print area, which would help a bit with that issue.

    So it all depends on how you intend to use it and how big of stuff you want to print. If your really wanting to find out about the 3d printers, try going to your local makerfaire, there will be people there with 3d printers to show you the limitations of each printer and the pluses and minuses first hand.

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    Check out folgertech. They sell on ebay, very good prices, good machine. I built one last year, their Prusa I3 kit. Also a good build volume 200x200x190 I think. Ultimately when you're building it yourself the final results really depend on you.

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    I was surprised to see Dremel sells a 3d printer now, last time I went to Canadian Tire...

    No idea if it is any good, just saying it exists.

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    SLA printers are getting down into the $2500-3000 range which is encouraging. But the resins appear to be in the $150-200/liter range, which seems prohibitive for home users. If they can get to $20-50/liter it would be a different proposition.

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    I can't recommend the Printer I bought a few years ago as the company went belly up. But I work with several units at work some low cost and some big $$$. Most of it comes down to how much do you want to futz with it to get it to work? That isn't 100% true but it is a rule of thumb. MonoPrice has a nice unit for $350 when there in stock

    (I don't work for or have any $$ interest in MonoPrice....this is just and opinion!!)

    I have a buddy that runs a side business 3d printing knickknacks and such at Craft / Maker shows runs one 20 -30+ hours a week before a big show with no headaches. He Love that thing. Says that if he didn't need the Lager build envelope of the $1000 printer every once in a while he'd sell it.

    All of them take some practice to get top quality prints out of them. Temps and speeds adjustments of 5-10% can make a difference. But they are nice to have. Even half decent print can take less handwork to be ready to cast than making a wood pattern from scratch.

    Most of the mfg have public forums and the communities are helpful with a little research a lot of the learning curve on speeds and feeds can be cut down.
    Or hit up the RepRap community, there are some top notch folks there that are very helpful.


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    I have a rostock max, flashforge creator pro, ultimaker 2, and just ordered the folgertech FT5. Ive really turned into a 3d printing junkie. Whats best for you?? Depends on your skill set. If you dont feel comfortable building a kit and dont mind spending the money, get the ultimaker. The flashforge creator is nice too but plan on purchasing simplify3d if you go that route.
    Then the theres the thinking the folgertech ft5 is going to be awesome, but wont find out for a few more weeks....
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