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Thread: Smaller Gingery-esq. foundry for beginner

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    Melty cooker! (Exclamation of admiration)

    When you plan to 'try it out'?
    Ouch! That stuff's hot!

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    This thread is epic.

    Congrats on a successful completion. Now go melt some metal!
    "Success is 99% determination"

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    Congrats man. Let's see it in action!
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    Congrats, waiting for the first melt.
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    I've been watching from day 1. I've enjoyed watching you overcome the challenges and the comraderie that's gone along with it. I must admit I've had to go back and reacquaint myself with exactly what the hell you were doing with a bit of skeptical amusement (re the Kalashnikov quote), but your tenacity has been something to behold!
    Nice work.


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    About Time!!!

    No, Really good work! make it melt something. Hopefully not it's self!


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    I don't think your done. I remember you having to raise the furnace to fit the lifting rails. This means that the burner needs a platform so it can reach the tuyere. I see a build of an auto-sensing burner lifter that auto-aligns with the tuyere.



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    Wha?? No way. It cant be. Finished! Nope. not finished until there is BIG FIRE. LOL! Wow what a thread

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    I too look forward to seeing a big fire in that thing; congrats on completing a truly epic build!

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    Hehe, thanks guys. I tried taking J. Dilbert's advice on renaming the thread, but failed. Apparently it only lets you change the post-title and not the thread title

    Yes, the tuyere is a good foot higher now. I need to do some work on my burner anyway, to increase its wind, by swapping its crappy motor with a certain, cheap, little red blower motor Somewhere in there, I'll get it raised up in height as well.
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