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Thread: Smaller Gingery-esq. foundry for beginner

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    Further encouragement(?)

    No, not a furnace/'barbie'/'cooker' - but a needed tool to secure the materials for same:
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    Ouch! That stuff's hot!

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    Nice! I bet it could carry an elephant Looks really well build.

    ...on the topic of this furnace thingie...

    ...oofff...tooooo many paint fumes...

    (collecting pics)
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    No, not an elephant - won't fit. Most of a month's groceries/2 50 lb bags of petrobond sand - no trouble, providing one avoids hills. Hills are a workout and three-quarters when one has a *load*. No hills, no trouble - rolls easy, steers good, can tow it for 'some miles'. (Which I've done earlier this month)

    Now, once the connecting rod has its spring-tabs properly brazed on... (no, put down the cleaver) and is painted, and the remaining three fabric panels attached with their velcro-and-webbing straps, then it's time for a ***welding cart*** - need tools to make tools, oh, and a foundry to make parts.

    My ***own*** foundry. Yes, I have access to two people's ready-existing foundries, and I can and do patterns ***now***.

    But I want to do ***petrobond*** (sob). I want castings that are smooth enough that I can rub them...

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    Ouch! That stuff's hot!

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