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    I use a plasticine that is soft. At least it is soft here where I live (Southern Mexico at sea level). One thing I do is trim my fingernails regularly. And I find that fingernail damage is easily repaired. But after years of doing this I must have learned to keep my fingernails to myself.

    I have developed a number of tools to work the plasticine that don't have fingernails, mostly made of wood. Wood seems to work better with plasticine. Most of them I have carved from tongue depressors and popsicle sticks. And brushes. I use brushes a lot. I wipe them off with a rag frequently while working with them. Little artists brushes. The stiffer ones are the most useful. And then to finish it off I use naphtha and a softer brush to smooth it up glass smooth. That is, if I want a smooth surface, which I appear to be addicted to. I sometimes wish I liked textured surfaces. So much easier to mold and to cast. But who wants to look at a pretty young woman with a textured surface? Probably someone, but not I.

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    Hey Richard. He uses a padded sanding paper and a little heat. Polishes right up to a SHINE! Amazing. I dont dig textured surfaces either.
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    Adam beane is at it again. But REALLY WTF is with kickstarter? This guy has been around for awhile and so has cx5... Does he STILL not have enough money to reinvest in his own company???? It's 75K not 750k? Anyway, a few of you 3d printer guys will be interested in this. (the whole "digital clay" thing is a bit annoying and overdone. Call it what it is, a filiment that poops out of your printer and can be worked like clay. ;-/
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    "Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war"
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    I got in on the Kickstarter awhile ago. Waiting for it to show up... Really want to give it a try.

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    Yeah, but wouldn't you think this SOB would have a measly 75K to invest in his own business??? I have a hard time subscribing to the nonsense these days that is either gofundme or kickstarter. Capitalist pig I am! lol

    Hope this stuff works out... Far as I can tell through hours of searching and researching CX5. IT WAS A FLOP commercially speaking. Many sculptors I've talked to either do not like this stuff or have never heard of it. The price alone for the normal stuff tells me something is amiss. Then again, what do I know, I'm still learning how to stick wax parts together. lol
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    "Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war"
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