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Thread: a hacksaw for aluminum cutting

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    Glad to hear from you Nudge.
    I've cut on my table saw a number of times with good results. I just used a carbide blade but I can see where the special blade would be worth the investment if it gets used enough. I always make sure all of the wood sawdust is gone before I start. I've also found that if I only cut 75-90% through I can easily break it with a 2lb hammer plus I don't get blasted with chips.
    I recently bought a metal cutting bandsaw off Craigslist for $75


    It has saved me a lot of hacksawing on both aluminum and steel. It cuts steel better than aluminum. I get some jamming. Tryphons latest post has convinced me that a coarser blade would do the trick.


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    Nudge, that's serious cutting I don't imagine doing that by hand!
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    The first picture in the first post the blade looks like a wider hack saw blade than a band saw blade.

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    Working on a Hydraulic log splitter at the moment, It's not going to get used for just logs!!!
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    Nudge, that's serious cutting I don't imagine doing that by hand!
    Yup! It won't matter how good your hacksaw is, cutting an engine head it two would be a workout!
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