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Thread: Vilberts's newest toy

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    Love the pulley!
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    That Monarch is lovely congrats Vibert!

    All those control handles are appealing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Micscience View Post
    All those control handles are appealing.
    Thanks, and I know right...?

    I have posted a small amount about this lathe on a forum I used to frequent quite often. I was lurking and found a thread someone had created about the online ad for my lathe. I don't make appearances there very often so I thought it would be an entertaining "small world" post. I just followed that up with that first run video when asked if I had it running yet. A member there suggested that it is a machine that should be ran on a VFD so I can reap the benefits. I of course see none of those benefits. The lathe has a clutch/brake lever, and really cool levers to change the spd already. Why would I want to not use all those cool levers...??!!

    Tomorrow I might get the opportunity to tool up the lathe in a big way. I don't want to put the cart before the horse but I've been given the location and the needed super secret decoder ring to enter what I'm in told is the fort knox of all things machine tool. I haven't to this spot before so I can't provide any details.
    FLAME ON...!!!!

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    Man you really need to throw two or three coats of sloppy paint on that thing, scratch / ding a bit off, then let it get goooood and rusty: The shieve is totally robbing all the glory from the motor! Just like that hot bit of eye-candy always hanging off of our new Press-a-Dent's arm. Somebody really aught to clean that mess up hahahahahaha.
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