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Thread: metal vids

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    Quote Originally Posted by cae2100 View Post
    lol, I wish I could get access to that disk sander at 10:00 fishbonz.
    I have a couple of buddies who have rather large Wadkin "pattern maker" spindle/disk sanders in that relative size. Believe it or not, at industrial auction you can grab those beasts for ~$500
    FLAME ON...!!!!

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    There's a lot of good stuff on that british pathe YT channel and website.
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    You steam engine guys will seriously dig this one.
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    DIY spin casting setup for casting pewter gaming miniatures.

    Spin caster:

    A little scary looking but could easily be made more pretty and safe looking...

    Vulcanizer for making the wheel-shaped rubber molds:

    Not planning on trying it, I just thought you guys might get a kick out of seeing this guy's homemade setup, is all. I have not seen much spin casting here on AA at all. And this is just the low-temp flavour of spin casting.

    In the Reaper Minatures forum, one of my old hangouts for my long neglected miniatures hobby, one of our own members, Talespinner, was throwing around numbers talking about the high cost of getting into the spin-cast pewter minis biz:

    Base level spin caster: $4000
    Vulcanizer: $4000
    Melt Furnace: $750 to $3000 depending on your volume
    Mold Frames: $350 to $1500, depending on the size you want to run
    Venting and electricals for the Melt Furnace: Depends on the setup, but likely $200 to $500
    I almost fell off my chair seeing those numbers after having seen the videos above!

    But when I linked those videos as a possible way to get started out for MUCH cheaper, I was met with pretty much nothing but skepticism. There is a lot of DIY in the miniatures hobby, but it all revolves around making and painting tiny models of things that only have to LOOK real, not making stuff that can be used other than for looking good in a display case or on a game table. They said the C-clamps won't put enough pressure on the rubber and a good spin machine needs speed control, among other objections. I dunno, looked to me like that guy was getting quite decent results... I'll let you guys be the judge.

    Here's what a professional setup looks like with all factory made equipment... It's public tour footage intended for non-metalcasters, but they do a pretty good job of covering most of the process in fair detail. I have posted these somewhere around here before.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    <well I'll be damned, we have a limit of 3 video links per post? I had no idea. Well, there is a part 2, which you can probably find easily enough from part 1.>

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