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Thread: Gingery Mill and Shaper Patterns

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    Gingery Mill and Shaper Patterns

    Been busy making the Gingery Mill and Shaper patterns. These are just the rough patterns and are not finished yet. I would like to try and cast these in iron, but have not melted any iron yet. I do believe I can melt it with my current setup, so we will see how it goes. I will post more as the patterns are fully finished, but I wanted to post what I have done so far.

    These are most of the Shaper patterns.

    And these are most of Mill patterns.

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    Looks like you have been busy! very nice patterns.
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    I've seen one of those mills actually operate. He had the indexing head on it too. He built it back in the 80s and he says he has gotten quite a bit of use out of it.
    Nice work on the patterns. That's a lot of work!


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    It will be nice to see that one in iron! It will match the Gingery lathe I am doing in iron, if I can ever catch up on my iron pouring!
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    Nice start on the patterns

    I started to build the shaper a few years ago, I only got the 2 large side pieces cast, I doubt I'll ever make any other of the Gingery machines except for the shaper, I have always wanted a shaper, they are kinda fun to operate, I ran one years ago, it was the only machine in the world that worked to cut the weld out of the inside of a rectangular tubing

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    Damn fine work! Can't wait to see more.
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    Can't wait for more!
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    Thats a really great set of patterns...I really am enamored by the pattern work of the members here. I enjoy seeing patterns as much as the castings themselves!

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    Nice work. I think doing all the patterns first is a good idea.

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    Thanks for all the comments, my woodworking ability has greatly improved with the amount of patterns I have made for casting. I've gotten really good with a scroll saw. I would have to agree with 4cylndrfury, there are a lot of people on the forum with very good pattern making skills. I've learned a lot from them.
    Unfortunately I have not gotten to cast these yet as my car blew the seal on the reverse piston in the transmission, so I've been having fun working on it. I'm hoping to have some cast very soon, been itching to cast something.

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