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Thread: burns and injuries from your home foundry.

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    Put a battery driver bit through my finger a few weeks ago, it stopped at the bone (Cheap driver bit slipped off the screw head).
    I did something like that once. But through the web of flesh between my thumb & index finger. Clean through. Had a phillips #2 size scar there for a while.
    My son says, "Be more careful."
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    I drilled a small hole in my finger once, don't know why I had my finger behind the board I was drilling through. I will do most anything to avoid using screws that require a flat screwdriver, the guy that invented trumpet head screws is my hero.
    What is that squeaking noise?

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    The Sand-Man's doings...

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    Ouch! That stuff's hot!

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    Only injury foundry work has ever caused me was financial injury.

    Seriously, I always wear leather everything and a face shield.
    It's a PITA but no where near the pain you'll experience if Murphy comes a knocking.

    ER bills are always worse than the injury...... usually.

    A little common sense goes a Loooong way when playing with fire and molten metal.
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