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About Wes Henderson
May I start by thanking anyone who takes the time to read information about myself. So as to hopefully avoid the inclusion of being associated with many of the people of my generation, please allow me to define some of my backstory. Should you not care about that, you could simply skip to the paragraph following. I have always been ambitious; sated more by knowledge and finding resolute purpose behind it; resorting to logic over emotion; and having been often referred to as a "machine" for the amusement of others. I don't quite mind though. I actually pride myself in my obsession with having to make sense of the unknown and my superfluous knowledge of both the inconsequential and the more relevant. I was projected to graduate high school two years early, but my parents insisted I stay another year for the "high school experience". I appreciate their intentions, but I would have much more appreciated one less year in the social cliques and fallacy that such a place truly prepared you for the "outside world". So I was only able to graduate one year early. Fair enough... At least I had that. Some weren't so fortunate to even graduate after four years. After high school I intended on going to college. The key word is intended. My parents, again following their view of what was best for me, wanted me to attend a local college after seeing my older brother fail out of college due to being consumed with "college life". They wanted to be able to help me keep true to my intentions and not deviate from what a proper, self-respecting student should do. *Sigh* Again, I appreciate their intentions, however misplaced I felt they were. Having decided to postpone my enrollment in college until I was eighteen, not realizing that the state would consider me an emancipated minor at the time, I enrolled in cosmetology school. Odd for someone like myself yes, but that is another story entirely. Interestingly enough, as the school covered aesthetics, there was a remarkable amount of chemistry involved which helped me retain my sanity. During the end of my time in cosmetology school I met the woman that I would end marrying. She had a two year-old at the time whom I am the father of now and always will be. We met, married, had our second child, moved in together and bought a house all in our first year together. Needless to say, it was a stressful start for the both of us. She helped me become more emotional and not quite so daft when it came to social queues and sarcasm. I was a bit like Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory After two and a half years of dating, we decided to get married and found out we were once again expecting. At the same time I decided to join the U.S. Navy. I was anxious to escape Ohio and pursue a structured career that would allow my family and me to travel.

To sum up the introduction to myself, I am a U.S. Navy sailor, I am married to the most amazing woman and we have three children together. I am twenty four years old (as of 26DEC91) and my wife is less than a year older than myself. I have worked as a machinist, mechanic, manager and more. My true passion is starting with a problem, contemplating a resolution, drafting a design and then making that creation come to life. I am more than willing to pass on the knowledge I have on any matter to anyone who is willing to learn. However, should someone display that they lack a certain interest, that willingness quickly diminishes. I appreciate those people on forums who are here not because they themselves need questions answered, but enjoy answering the questions of those junior to them and I hope to learn as much as I can from those such people.
Fabricating with every medium I can control. Glass, polycarbonates, plastics, carbon fiber, etc...
U.S. Navy Sailor


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