Please Help - Mystery Machine - Massive Wax Injection System??

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I have a real mystery on my hands. And I'm hoping somebody on this forum can help me solve it.

A couple of years ago and purchased a large shop machine that had a vacuum pump on it that I need it for a project. That project has since been completed but I never ended up using that vacuum pump on this mystery machine.

I was told that this was a prototype large portable wax injection machine, intended for industrial purposes. After examining it, and looking online - it reminds me of a desktop jewelers wax injection machine - but mine weighs close to 200 pounds and is on rollers to be moved about the shop. Inside the (10 gallon? + ) canister a hard blue wax can be seen residing. On the face of the control panel it reads the temperature of the hose material, the hose, the tank material and the tank. It runs on 110 V and powers up with no problems.

If this is a lost wax casting injection machine, then it can produce some very large projects. (I read in one of these posts someone was asking about a propeller and how to Beef up a desktop wax injection machine so that they could shoot wax into a mold. This thing could probably do five propellers in one shot.)

This thing is the size of a student desk and I have seen nothing like it anywhere online. I will post pictures if I can figure out how to do it. Members can PM me and exchange information if they would like To take a look at it and help me solve the mystery.

I have no idea what to do with this thing, Or who would want it - but I know that it was built well and it's in amazing shape.


About me, I'm not a professional machinist or metallurgist in anyway shape or form. I'm an artist and vacuum forming technician. I live in Portland Oregon.
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