Sand Casting Shinkage/caving

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I am brass casting an piece that is About 1.5 inches thick and tapers down to 3/4 inch thick. I get a caving in or shrinkage. I have moved my air holes and the gates but still have the problem. And suggests?
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  1. cae2100's Avatar
    Ive found that the higher the temperature that the metal is poured, the more it will want to shrink usually. To get rid of the shrinkage, it's all in the way you gate it. I would look up shrink bobs and gating for thicker stuff. Without shrink bobs, even a part that is 3/8" thick will show signs of shrink holes.

    Also, I wouldnt post anything in the blogs part, I dont think anyone really pays much attention to them, so just post the questions to the forums itself.