Is this type of plaster appropriate for a refractory lining?

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This specific casting plaster is only a fraction of the price of plaster of paris and seems to have the same chemical composition i.e. Calcium Sulphate Hemihydrate


I wanted to replicate the "Grant Thomson - King of Random foundry" (https://youtu.be/hHD10DjxM1g) and I was wondering if this plaster when mixed with sand would yield the same result as plaster of paris?
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  1. swarupsinha's Avatar
    There are basically three types of refractory (insulation) that are used in forges. 1- Castable Refractory: Comes in bags or pails, is mixed with water (similar to portlan cement). 2- Ceramic fiber blanket, names include Kawool, insulwool, etc. This is the easiest to work with/install, but produces airborne hazards...so a respirator should be worn. 3- Insulboard: This is rigid format material that comes is various size sheets. It's generally the most expensive and fragile of the lot.
  2. wargrade's Avatar
    Anything that is plaster of Paris based is not worth considering as a furnace unless you are considering only using it the once & then I'd have to think about it!