wood lathe 2

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I had to split the blog because it exceeded the 10 pics allowed .
I replaced the round bar with a square bar as Metal hero told, it won't slip sideways that way.

And I sprayed some blue paint because I was bored with the crappy look. I'll probably have to wipe it out later but it won't rust in the meantime.

I need to make pulleys, not sure what to make it out. So I experimented on wood. I just made a test the drill clamped in the vice and the tool rest clamped on the bench. Not too bad , I managed to get a "V", I'll make some others tries.

tool rest done

I now can focus on the motor.

Some work on the tool rest, the aim is to make adjustable and replaceable. Here are some pics, before: a tube, a rod and ...something


Not finished yet but not too far.

First spin! I cut the bed to length (maximum work capacity is now 50cm or 20"), welded the head stock and clamped everything in the vice. Used a drill on max speed and there's no vibration, it's only 600 or 700 rpm,(EDIT actually it was 2800RPM) it may vibrate at higher speed, we'll see.

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  1. nudge's Avatar
    Cool what do you plan to use as a motor? Are you planing to use a drill or something bigger?
  2. TRYPHON974's Avatar
    I don't plan to use a drill, that's just to experiment. I've too candidates but one is too powerful (more than 1000w) and one is not enough (100w) but both of them are quiet and run without heating too much. Maybe with a 1/3 pulley the 100w motor will be ok. I intend to run around 1000 RPM for a 2" diameter, is it right?
  3. nudge's Avatar
    that sounds quite good, I would tru the 100w motor I think it should do the job quite well. I will have a look at the specs on my lathe in the morning. 1000 rpm sounds ok, I will have a look at that too.
  4. TRYPHON974's Avatar
    Thanks Nudge
    Updated 10-15-2011 at 12:28 PM by TRYPHON974
  5. Metal Hero's Avatar
    Wood pulleys, that's thinking outside the box!
    If you grind a flat, the length of the shaft, for your lower pinch bolt to lock on, there will be less chance the tool rest will slip sideways.
    What power is your drill? V x A = watts. So a 6 amp drill, at 120Volts = 720watts. I recommend the 1000w motor.
  6. nudge's Avatar
    I just had a look at my little lathe, I have been turning 2" at 900 os I think the 1000rpm should be just about right. I am not sure what the Watts are. It is a 1/2 hp DC motor with a speed controller.
    This is the lathe
    Updated 10-18-2011 at 07:44 AM by nudge
  7. Metal Hero's Avatar
    The site says 380 watts.
  8. nudge's Avatar
    I have found the lathe to have plenty of grunt (for it size) I have used a LOT bigger ones that can handle what ever you give it. My lathe is only ment for small things and can do the job very well. (it turned my cannon pattern, that is 500mm x 80mm dia)