a new brand is born

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Whether I really create a brand (something to get a headache in France) or not, I need to add some spirit to the things I make.I thought I had to create some logo.After some brainstorming and a few dead end I found this:

I just replace the "P" by a leg vice, that is supposed to evocate the old school work's quality , plus this leg vice is an heritage from my great grand father, a farrier.
I had to add some colors and to show that it is a local brand, so I drew two beauties and a volcano as Reunion island is a hot point, and the volcano is still flowing now and then.

I then focused on some ideas about the water rocket plugs. I've been commissioned to make a pair (at 20$ each one) so it seems that there is maybe a little market for them. That could be an add:

another try:

Why not to highlight that it is true recycling?

I had fun playing with my photoshoplike program, that's the most important ,and if I don't succeed to create my brand, at least I'll be able to add some goodies to the gifts I make feel free to comment

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  1. GypsyTinker's Avatar
    Some great ideas there! Let me ask you this, what is the source of the name Tryphon? I love the leg vise idea, but I couldn't tell that's what it was till you said it.

    I'll think on this as I have a good bit of experience with branding and graphic design.
  2. TRYPHON974's Avatar
    Thanks , Tryphon Tournesol is an inventor in the "Tintin" comic book, some kind of gyro gearloose. Tintin is very famous in Europe, especially in France and Tournesol's character is rather famous but not many people know his first name. Tryphon also sounds as "typhon" (=typhoon),it reminds the cyclones that hit the island time to time.
    I have to work harder on the design, that's just some sketches in low def, any criticism is welcome.
  3. Metal Hero's Avatar
    The recycling logo is a great idea, it should help to sell your plugs. Maybe also emphasize the fact that the rockets burn no fuel.
    Set up a water rocket event, and have info on building them too. Every person shooting one, will be getting others interested = Tryphon mass producing plugs!